Client Success Stories: Healing Through Counselling

Welcome to our “Client Success Stories” section, a space dedicated to sharing the transformative journeys of individuals who have walked the path of healing and growth with Counselling Care UK. Here, you’ll find a collection of powerful testimonials from clients who have experienced firsthand the profound impact of personalised therapy on their lives. These stories are not just accounts of overcoming challenges; they are narratives of resilience, hope, and the incredible journey towards well-being.

Each testimonial is a unique testament to the strength and courage of those who decided to reach out for support, and a reflection of the compassionate, tailored approach that Counselling Care UK prides itself on. Through these success stories, prospective clients can gain insights into the therapeutic process, the range of issues addressed, and the potential for positive change. These narratives underscore the importance of finding a trusted partner in therapy—a guide who can meet you where you are and help navigate the complexities of life’s challenges together.

We believe that these client success stories will not only inspire but also resonate with many who are contemplating taking the first step towards healing. They highlight the significance of getting in touch, taking action, and the transformative power of therapy. As you read through these testimonials, we hope you feel encouraged, seeing the possibilities for growth and renewal that lie ahead.

Whether you’re facing personal struggles, seeking to improve your mental health, or simply aiming for personal development, these success stories from our clients serve as a beacon of what can be achieved. Let their journeys motivate you to embark on your own path of healing and discovery, knowing that Counselling Care UK is here to support you every step of the way.


what our customers say about us

Contented of Bolton

“I contacted Deborah during a difficult time in my life. At our first meeting I was very nervous about what to expect, but soon realised that there was nothing to be afraid of. She is a genuine and caring person, and quickly created an environment in which I felt safe to talk openly – something that I had never experienced before.

Deborah has really supported, encouraged and challenged me, always knowing which of these is required and when. She has a unique ability to put a positive perspective on problems and issues. I don’t know where I would be without her, and can’t recommend her highly enough.”

There is Light & Hope at The End of The Tunnel from Bolton

I arrived to see Debra feeling that I was at the end of my resources, I was exhausted, in pain and more afraid of staying where I was than taking the step to engage in the then unknown.It’s a very different place I write from, I still have pain but now it’s creative, meaningful and the vehicle to the change I palpably see in myself.I said one day in a session that I felt she was performing surgery on me as something happens in the room and I come away transformed.I have to do my part and work really hard at this, it’s not easy and she doesn’tcollude nor enable me but I find being consistently challenged to grow toward increasing freedom is priceless.I highly recommend Debra to you, she’s the real deal,it’s support and healing in action.

Helped & Happier of Preston

Deborah is a kind hearted woman, she has the ability to not only listen but she actually hears what you have to say and you don’t find that characteristic in many people.

She is honest, caring and genuine in what she does as a counsellor.

I recommend Deborah to everyone I know!

actually dread to think where I would be in my life now without Deborah’s valuable presence in it. I arrived at her office nearly four years ago in a shroud of total misery, a state of distress, pain, confusion and self loathing. I was totally lacking any self awareness whatsoever.

Over time Deborah has given me a priceless, deep insight into myself and the people in my world. She has helped me understand how my behaviour, was based on my own damaging lack of self respect. This in turn affected the way others saw and treated me. Even more so it affected the way I misjudged the actions of others and falsely attributed the thoughts behind those actions.

Without this insight and knowledge, I wouldn’t have had the impetus to change things; to start to heal and to begin the long tough journey to loving myself!