Hello 2024

The start of 2024. Are you ready to embrace another year with all it has in store, or are you feeling anxious about what might lie ahead ? Maybe you don’t add any significance to the beginning of a New Year and live each day as it arrives. It is a good time to reflect […]

Counselling for you

Finding our way through life can be something we do with purpose. Counselling is a process where we actively choose to get alongside a professional who can really understand what’s going on, and also how we feel, and react to everyday events and the people in our life. Stress , relationships, anxiety, bereavement are just […]

Counselling Helps

It can be a very difficult first step to decide that counselling is for you. In making your decision it may help to have an informal conversation over the telephone. Here you can discuss what it is you are struggling with and ask about the way in which sessions can help you. It’s often good […]

Finding the right therapist

Hi there. Thank you for visiting my website. I guess you must be wondering about counselling or looking for someone who looks ok to consider meeting. I can certainly tell you that counselling does help. It’s really important to find the right therapist for you though, so if you’re still not sure, feel free to […]